Jordi Zimmerer


Jorg is a part-time Professor of Advertising and Strategic Brand Management at SMU. Over 20 years of global MNC advertising & branding experience.

Be prepared: Jordi will challenge you.

Maybe it’s the fact that he grew up in Spain that gave him such a passion for marketing and advertising, good creative and campaigns that really work. And maybe it is his German heritage that gives him the attention to detail, the drive to get things just right.

Jordi likes challenges, and he is passionate about finding surprising, unexpected solutions to clients’ challenges. His thinking starts from the end result, from what could be – then he maps out a way of how to get there.

Strategy and creative are not two conflicting fields for him – a sound strategy is needed to build the basis for stunning creative executions. That’s why Jordi wants to understand exactly what the business challenge is and how the product or service works – so expect a lot of questions.


  • Managing Director Mercury Creative
  • Certified Professional Management Consultant (PMC)
  • Management Consultant to Wearnes Automobile Group
  • Effie Award Winner – Category Automotive 2011
  • Audi Communication Award Shortlisted 2010, 2011 and 2012
  • General Manager Marketing Audi Singapore 2007-2012
  • Brand Strategist for Audi AG Global Product Training
  • Managing Director Arena Living Events
  • Key Account Lufthansa Worldwide
  • Award Winning Creative for FMCG brands Milka Chocolate and Danone